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 Foaming Agent  FA-2

FA -2 adopts a protein based enzymatic active component; it is accountable for stabilized foam and generous output. Meanwhile, its product is very elastic.  Slurry cells keep the same format before hardening without collapse or dissolving.  Foam concrete slurry finalize as independent, closed-cell, small sized structure after hardening; therefore, assures the quality of product and reduces cost.



Technical Data

Foaming Agent - 2

Compound Type

Normal Foaming Agent

(single type animal protein & plant active components)

Active Ingredient

≥65 %

≥40 %

Output per Unit   

>600 ml/g

>400 ml/g

Foam Expansion



Foaming Height  

>400 mm

>250 mm

Foam Break time (Foam Stability)

>24 hours

≥2 hours

Descending Capacity ( within 1 hr)

<50 mm

<200 mm

Bleeding  within 1 hour

<3 ml

<10 ml





The difference between single type and 




1.       Our foaming agent is primary liquid; it must be diluted with water before using.

2.       For best results, use a foam generator to generate foam. Directly mix foaming agent with cement slurry in the mixer doesn’t produce good results.