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Foam concrete machine

with Chinese characteristics, highly original large green foam concrete construction equipment, hydraulic pump in a self-developed basis, and which constitutes its core technology. Products with small vibration, low noise, high efficiency, high quality characteristics of foam concrete, the product has achieved mass-scale production, from 12 to 25 cubic cubic, product feeding, mixing, foaming, pumping four in one. Bulk products are exported to Russia, Vietnam, Australia, India, South Africa and other countries and regions.


Foam Generator

FG series foam Generator is a specialized in foam blowing agent into the device, using well-known brands of air compressors, stability and durability is superior to similar products; can adapt to a variety of complex construction conditionsunder construction. Products have been exported to Vietnam, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Asia and other countries and regions.



TM Series is a high performance foam concrete Mixer type, speed and constant speed into two. Principal organs of the different existing models at home and abroad, highly original new products, and fully reflects the mixing equipment in the field of deep technical foundation. Foam products are widely used in various concrete products, magnesium industry, and other plants. Products good price and reliability of access to users praise.


 Foaming Agent

 FA series foaming agent is the company based on production needs of the enterprise market, specializing in the development of different types of foaming agents. This series of closed-cell foam structure with high stability and more, based foam in air compressor operation, the produce or replace other lightweight materials, foam stability of the series can meet a variety of products requirements, application of a wide range of low dosage, manufacturing of foam concrete, easy to use, the use of low cost.