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Trinity in the foam concrete machinery, blowing agents, mixer devices and equipment in three major categories of production control technology is not the same level of emphasis on the customer demand is inconsistent, production and management are not the same mode of operation, the company withdrew from the 3Q production system: pass, a reasonable production process, the customer out of money, must get a qualified product.


Product quality control from raw materials entered under the controlled state; key components of the processing, including welding parts, machined parts have a special jig to ensure that effectively improve the precision of parts, and enhance the exchange of parts sex; key parts are made of special materials, special heat treatment process, especially for vulnerable parts of the material and process requirements, so that part of the wear and spare parts to improve durability, extend the vulnerable parts of the replacement cycle; covering parts were then sprayed with a special treatment to enhance the binding force of the paint and components; product assembly a group of professionally trained, highly skilled technical staff assembly, the use of advanced tools for professional assembly, in strict accordance with the requirements of work instructions for assembly, to ensure the best combination of overall performance. From off the assembly line inspection, offline testing, debugging rectification, warehousing and then the whole process of delivery, all work according to strict standards and processes for operations.

Customer satisfaction as the highest quality standards:
a. establish a fixed channel for customer feedback on our products and services, and targeted measures to improve
b. regular customer visits and customer satisfaction surveys to assess the company's products and services, opportunities for improvement
6. To establish a stable and mutually beneficial supply chain, procurement of materials to ensure quality and delivery:
a. important parts (such as engines, hydraulic parts, etc.) are recognized by international and domestic first-class brand. Company and Yanmar (YANMAR), Kubota (KUBOTA), Cummins, Rexroth (Rexroth), KYB and other famous international brands and the Hai Zhuoer energy, Jiangsu AKG, BHCS E all other domestic manufacturers are well-known brands have established a good partnership. 
The brand to ensure the quality of the major suppliers of materials.
b. send someone to the suppliers of technology and quality support to achieve the common development of both supply and demand.
c. implementation of exemption system for high-quality suppliers to reduce transaction costs.