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Trinity customer service will be a customer-centric, high efficiency, the entire process for the operation of the position to serve the emotional, standardization, and features into a strong effort in the competitive service system, the company in the product pre- , sale and after-sale all aspects of software, hardware, the pursuit of continuous improvement.Information technology in the service,.

The company introduced a CRM customer relationship management system, establish a unified customer relationship management platform for customers to resources, market research, sales process, customer service management to seek the best mode of operation, using scientific analysis, complete service records process for enterprises to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction, provide a comprehensive solution. Hardware facilities in the service, the company planning "global service delivery center," as one of this Centre, headquarters of corporate customers service platform, including customer service training centers, spare parts distribution center for the global service provider of hardware facilities and logistics support.

How to enjoy the services we offer:

1, please directly with our Customer Service Management Support Section at related products, we will be happy to serve you. 
Inform the local office or service agents to provide you with comprehensive, positive, active, high quality, efficient service;
2, please visit our website - Customer Service - Online Service column, enter information about your service needs;
3, please call our service hotline: 01061271490 (Customer Service Request Hotline reported impaired).