Viewed 2474 Times Published:2010-9-8 Why Foam Concrete?

  1. Heat Insulation: Thermal conductivity is about 0.060-10.135w/(m.k), Thermal resistance is 20 to 30 times better than normal concrete. 
  2. Lightweight: dry product density can reach about 200-1400kg/m3, foam concrete is 25% lighter than normal cement concrete, therefore, it can reduce building overall load and cost.
  3. Overall performance: cast in place, ties closely with main project. 
  4. Noise Reduction: evenly and independently dispersed closed-cell pores help with noise reduction; noise reduction ability is 0.09-0.19%, and it is five times better than traditional concrete.
  5. Comprehensive Strength: 0.4-10mpa.
  6. Water Resistance: foam concrete water absorption is related to material make up ratio and  the independence of closed-cell foam, our foam concrete possess these 2 qualities, hence, it’s hydrophobic nature high standard. We can reach water absorption of13%.
  7. Durability: foamed concrete’s major make up is cement; therefore, its durability remains high.
  8. Easy Construction: we offer semi-automation and automation foame concrete machines. These machines’ vertical transporting ability is relatively high, as to 80-120 meters, and horizontal transporting distance is 200-500meters long. It varies from machine to machine, depending on different density foam concrete.
  9. Productivity: theoretically, one team with 5-8 worker can produce 100-200m3 per work day (8 hrs).
  10. Diversity: foam concrete is used not only to produce products, such as blocks, wall panels, but also flooring, roofing, casting into formworks et al.
  11. Green: foaming agent is neutrality, non-toxic and harmless. It does not contain benzene, the formaldehyde and other deleterious substance, so that eliminates environmental pollution and the hidden fire danger.
  12. Economic: The total cost is low; foam concrete is about 100-200 RMB/m3
  13. Technology service
    • It is our great privilege to have Professor Yan as technique counselor. Professor Yan is a leading voice of foam concrete, and has contributed to this industry over 20 years. Professor Yan has trained numerous employees in Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Iran, but also has written some of the greatest work for this industry including “Foam Concrete Practical Produce Technology”. His book is translated in Russian as well
    • We provide continuous training about producing foam concrete, and related techniques.
    • Privileges are given to international partnership as well.
    • Fees negotiatable